Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weather in the Woods

On the 2nd we had a great crew up at the lodge for our first fall work weekend. They got lots of projects done and really helped us get ready for the winter. If you are coming up for the second work weekend, don’t worry, we will still have some other projects to complete.

Since my last posting we have gotten nothing but progressively warmer weather. On the 3rd it got a little warmer. Many guests checked out of their cabin, but stayed on the property to enjoy the perfect hiking weather. So we handed out orange vests and they enjoyed the afternoon. Everyone who is in the woods right now is wearing orange because deer hunting season has started. We have a large collection of orange vests for all of our guests to wear anytime they are in the woods during this time of the year.

The 4th and 5th slowly kept warming up enough that we started to actually plan some warm weather activities for yesterday and today. So we have been taking advantage of these last couple of warm days to paint our property sign, get more rocks for the fireplaces we are building in the cabins we will be renovating all winter, or doing other odd jobs to help prepare the resort for the upcoming winter season. Additionally we are building new staff housing right now so the construction crews are really taking advantage of the warm weather to get the outside work done as quickly as possible, knowing that eventually the temperature will start to drop again.

This warm spell has convinced us that it feels more like a warm spring day then one of the last days of fall. With all of the snow days we had been getting prior to the 40’s and 50’s of yesterday and today we had been getting out our winter jackets, boots, gloves, & hats to make sure they would be good for another season. But now with the warm weather we are looking around for those light jackets again.

Sometimes Mother Nature really has all of us confused.

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